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$20 Tuesday


What is $20 Tuesday?

It's a reminder that flowers are an affordable luxury... if you know the best time and ways of ordering!


You are at the right place, because on select Tuesdays throughout the year, Albuquerque Florist offers a hand-picked bouquet of fresh seasonal blooms, wrapped and hand-delivered to your recipient.

Yes that's right, in a world where Amazon, FedEx, and UPS dominate the idea of packages dropped at the door, Albuquerque Florist takes extra care to make sure your flowers are hand-delivered directly to the recipient. 


Check your email or visit our Facebook page for this special offer!

 When we receive our delivery of fresh cut flowers for the week and complete the processing of them, we like to thank our loyal customers (like you) with added value. Yes, that is $20 worth of wrapped FRESH CUT FLOWERS, hand delivered to a local office or home in your area. It's that simple BUT it is only announced on Mondays and only when additional product is received. We hope you enjoy your flowers and spread them around your home or office!



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