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The History of Albuquerque Florist

Keeping Albuquerque Beautiful and Bright since 1950

Visit our store at 3121 San Mateo NE, Albuquerque, NM

The name Albuquerque Florist came into existence in 1999 but the history of the company goes back a good many years. It began as a family-owned neighborhood business in 1950 serving its local community southwest of downtown Albuquerque.

Brennen Rigler, President/CEO of Albuquerque Florist

Quality products and workmanship, and good customer service were always what the business strove to achieve. Over the years, as the business grew, it eventually served much of Albuquerque. In 1978, the business transferred from the original family to another family from which comes Brennen Rigler the current president/CEO of Albuquerque Florist. The business remained in the original location for many years, extending the service area as the city of Albuquerque grew, especially along the west side of the city.

In 1999, the business moved to a more central location and adopted a new name – Albuquerque Florist. In its new location the business continued to grow under the management of the second generation. It still adhered, however, to the original goals of quality in product and customer relations. Maintaining exceptional customer relations is undoubtedly the most important driving force for the management and staff. Flower orders often come at momentous times in the lives of the customers – births, milestones, celebrations, weddings, and even deaths. The staff at Albuquerque Florist knows how important these occasions are in the lives of their customers and works very hard to ensure that the flowers and plants help to create just the right atmosphere and mood.

Providing a high-quality product is another of the driving forces carried into the new business. The staff is kept abreast of the innovations in the equipment and flower processing techniques and put them to use to make sue that the flowers the customer receives are always fresh. The owner is very diligent about finding vendors whose flowers and plants provide long-lasting beauty. He works with vendors and farms both nationally and internationally to find the best quality and variety possible. Albuquerque florist prides itself on giving its customers the freshest products available at an excellent value.

Our previous location at 1416 Juan Tabo NE in AlbuquerqueFrom a single prom corsage to a sweet Mother’s Day bouquet to a large event setup, these designers can do it all. And if you have a picture of your grandmother, or great grandmother, with a bouquet from years ago and would like it duplicated, they could do that too. Not sure exactly what you want? The staff will help you come up with just the right assortment of blossoms to please. Their hope is that those who receive the arrangements will find as much joy in them as they had in creating them.

The design staff at Albuquerque Florist is very well trained and experienced in all the different types of floral design – that has certainly changed since the 50s and 60s! They are encouraged to keep up to date on the new trends in floral design and also on new methods of working with the flowers, always with freshness in mind.

Albuquerque Florist Delivery Van

Albuquerque Florist serves the greater Albuquerque metropolitan area. You can have your flowers delivered the same day or you can pick them up yourself. The store tries to maintain a large selection of flowers, foliage and all the floral products that you need to make your own arrangements at home. By the stem or by the bunch – you will be getting the same freshness and variety used by the professionals. We also have special wholesale pricing available for bulk ordering.

The Albuquerque Florist family has a long history of serving the Albuquerque community. It is now one of the premier florists in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Everyone involved in the operation, from the owner to the delivery drivers, is dedicated to continuing to provide excellence in product and customer service. As the years roll by, customs and traditions change. It is our goal to keep up with the times in order to give our customers beautiful reminders of their seasons of life.



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