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3 Popular Flower Decorating Ideas This Fall

3 Popular Flower Decorating Ideas This Fall

31st Jan 2024

Do you love flowers? If so, you understand how much joy and beauty flowers can bring to any home and why they make a great gift. However, local florist shops aren't just for buying a gift for someone else. You may want to use flowers for their decorative qualities in your space. Here are some popular decorating ideas you can use flowers for.

1. Use a Pumpkin

When enjoying flowers in fall and winter, you can also incorporate other seasonal elements. One of the standout features of any fall season is the arrival of pumpkins. Even if Halloween has passed, you can use a pumpkin as a base for your overall floral arrangement. All you have to do is cut off the top of the pumpkin and clean out the pulp. You can add your seasonal floral selection to your pumpkins as you would any other vase. You could even add pine cones to top off the fall and winter effects.

2. Create a Wreath

Are you under the impression that a door wreath is only suitable for Christmas? You can add door swag any time of year, and what better time to do so than fall? As winter sets in, a wreathe is a beautiful way to add color, style, and a welcoming element to your exterior. Start by using a styrofoam rectangle as the base and attach an 18 gauge floral wire to hang it with. You can incorporate other elements like acorns and pine cones. From there, you can fill in your fall flowers and shape them as you desire.

3. Small Centerpieces

Florist shops can go beyond creating grand centerpieces. You may want to keep it simple and have smaller centerpieces throughout tables and countertops in your home. Something as simple as a single beautiful flower in a small jar can do wonders for creating ambiance. According to Just Add Ice, a flowering orchid's sweet aroma is most pronounced at sunrise, so imagine if you had single orchids spread throughout small centerpieces in your home.

Flowers are a great way to bring life, color, and sweet smells to any home. Don't hesitate to get creative with them when it comes to decorating your space. Professionals at your local florist shops are more than willing to assist you with picking out the right flowers for your needs and preferences. Visit Albuquerque Florist today for some lovely blooms to get started.



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