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How a Floral Shop Will Help You Choose the Best Sympathy Flowers

How a Floral Shop Will Help You Choose the Best Sympathy Flowers

30th Jan 2023

When people are grieving, flowers can be a source of comfort. ComfyLiving states that the U.S. is home to approximately 32,370 florists and floral businesses. No matter where you buy your flowers, a floral shop can help you find the best sympathy flowers to send to friends and family.

Floral Etiquette

There aren't any firm rules about which flowers are appropriate to send to someone who's grieving. However, some flowers have symbolic meanings. A flower shop can tell you more about these meanings and help you build the perfect sympathy arrangement. The right bouquet can send a thoughtful message of support.

Lillies and chrysanthemums are associated with grieving and are frequently included in sympathy bouquets. There are even flowers that can send a specific message. For example, red carnations are considered to be a symbol of admiration. As their name suggests, forget-me-nots symbolize everlasting memories.

In addition to picking the right types of flowers, a flower shop can help you choose the right color. Purple flowers symbolize respect and loyalty, which is why they're popular for sympathy arrangements. White flowers symbolize remembrance, which is why white is such a popular color for sympathy flowers.

Deciding When to Send Sympathy Flowers

After you've found the best sympathy flowers, you'll need to decide when they should be sent. It's common to send flowers as soon as you're notified of a death, but you can also send an arrangement later. Once funeral arrangements have been made, you may want to have the flowers sent to the funeral home.

People usually receive lots of bouquets at a funeral but may not get as much support later. Consider sending an arrangement a few weeks after the funeral. Sending flowers can be a lovely gesture, and a flower shop can help you find an appropriate bouquet.

Other Things to Consider

When sending arrangements, find out how long the flowers will last. Carnations and chrysanthemums can last for weeks after they're cut. They're a thoughtful option for sympathy bouquets or flowers to leave on graves. If you want something that will last longer, you could send a plant, like a peace lily or an orchid.

Choosing the right floral arrangement can be difficult. However, grieving makes it especially tough. Thankfully, florists can guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today, and one of our specialists can help you select the best sympathy flowers to send.



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