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How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

1st Feb 2024

The professionals at your local florist shop do more than sell flowers. They also work hard to keep them fresh, so they maintain their optimal appearance. They'll never sell you wilted flowers that won't last very long. If you want to know how your local florist can keep blooms fresh, read on for more info.

Clean Water

Your local florist shop understands that it's not enough to only put your flowers in water. The water should be as clean and fresh as possible at all times. That's why they clean or switch out the vase and water every 2 to 3 days. In addition to keeping the water clean, they add nutritious feed to it. They may have a specific plant feed, or they'll use a natural element like a spoonful of sugar or vinegar.

Proper Cuts

Did you know the way you cut your flowers matters when preserving them? A professional florist understands they should cut the stem of the flower at an angle. Doing so, especially underwater, helps the flower absorb more water. Cutting it at an angle also reduces the likelihood of air bubbles.

Temperature Control

Have you ever gone into a sweltering hot flower shop? If you're dealing with a professional, then the answer is likely no. Your typical local florist shop will maintain the space at a comfortable and regulated temperature. That's because too much heat can quickly cause flowers to wilt. Your flowers need regular sunshine, especially for photosynthesis, but direct sunlight can burn them. In addition to direct sunlight, flowers shouldn't be kept next to something too hot, such as a stove or furnace. Although the surrounding environment should be cool, the water itself should be warm. According to Hunker, many florists store flowers in warm water between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, a professional florist understands how to care for your flowers, so they can always look as beautiful as possible. That's why when you visit your local florist shop, you'll always have colorful fresh-smelling flowers for a gift or to freshen up your home. Use these tips to maintain your flowers once you take them home. For more information on care and how to find the right flowers for your vase, visit Albuquerque Florist today.



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