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How the Various Stages of Oriental Lilies Extend a Floral Arrangement's Life

How the Various Stages of Oriental Lilies Extend a Floral Arrangement's Life

28th Apr 2023

If you're shopping for unique flowers online, make sure you take a look at oriental lilies. Floral arrangements featuring these flowers can be wonderful gifts and spectacular centerpieces. Oriental lilies also work better inside floral arrangements because they can hold their appearance longer than a lot of other flowers. Continue reading to learn how!

They Have an Extended Blooming Cycle

According to The Spruce, Stargazer lilies usually grow to about 29 to 36 inches. Apart from growing quite tall, mature oriental lilies also grab attention due to the way they bloom. They have a later blooming cycle than most flowers.

The aforementioned Stargazer lily typically starts to bloom sometime during the middle of the summer. Remarkably, the Stargazer is considered an early bloomer relative to other oriental lilies. According to, some of these lilies are known to bloom into the fall. Schedule when you get your floral arrangements just right and you may see them peak exactly when you present them to your recipient.

They Maintain Their Signature Scent for a Long Time

You should also prioritize oriental lilies while shopping for unique flowers online because of their scent. Their powerful aroma is one of the primary reasons they are such a sought-after plant. They can fill up a room with their floral scent so think carefully about where you want to place them.

Oriental lilies work well in floral arrangements due in part to how well their aroma is maintained. They can retain that sense of vibrance in a way that other flowers simply cannot. A lovely scent of a floral arrangement can really freshen up your home and add a soothing presence to the space.

They Are Easy to Care For

Lastly, oriental lily arrangements work well inside the home because of how easy they are to look after compared to other flowers. Of course, like most other flowers, they will wilt at some point. However, you can stave that off for a while by simply watering them. Consistently water the lilies to maintain their scent and color. You'll be surprised by how long they hold if you regularly give them water.

Seek out oriental lilies while you're shopping for unique flowers online if you want floral arrangements with outstanding longevity. Use those floral lily arrangements to add more color and aroma to your home interior. Drop by our website and pick out your favorite oriental lily arrangements!



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