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How to Personalize Birthday Flowers

How to Personalize Birthday Flowers

28th Feb 2023

Thinking about getting your loved one flowers for their birthday but don't want a random store display? You're not alone. Birthdays make for 12% of the flower-buying occasions, according to the Society of American Florists, with only anniversaries tying it. If you're looking for ways to personalize birthday flowers for your loved one, read on.

Birthday Flowers by Favorites

There's something to be said for purchasing a bouquet made of someone's favorite flowers. It will surely be a delight when they get an arrangement they know was made for them instead of just randomly selected. Favorite flowers can also be tied to a memory and have significant nostalgia. Therefore, when it comes time to create a birthday bouquet for your friend or family member, work with a florist to create an arrangement of their favorites!

Birthday Flowers by Color

Another fun way to personalize birthday flowers is to create a display in the theme of your loved one's favorite color. Arrangements could be whimsical, and display choices are not often displayed together, such as daisies and white roses!

Other color palette options include using the color that goes with the meaning you're sending. Flower color themes include blue flowers for peace and serenity or pink flowers for grace and happiness. Flower meanings can vary, but floral professionals should be able to tell you the meaning behind the flower color.

Birthday Flowers by the Month

You may also consider purchasing birthday flowers with blooms that align with your loved one's birth month! All months, except November, have two blooms associated with births in that month. Thankfully, November's choice has a wide range of types and colors as well.

Here are the flowers associated with each of the birth months.

  • January – Carnations or Snowdrops
  • February – Violets or Primrose
  • March – Daffodil or Jonquil
  • April – Daisy or Sweet Pea
  • May – Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn
  • June – Rose or Honeysuckle
  • July – Larkspur or Water Lily
  • August – Gladiolus or Poppy
  • September – Aster or Morning Glory
  • October – Marigold or Cosmos
  • November – Chrysanthemum
  • December – Narcissus or Holly

If you're interested in floral arrangements and want more information on personalization or flower meanings, reach out to Albuquerque Florist. We're here to help educate so that your buying experience, and their receiving joy, are amplified.