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At Albuquerque Florist, Inc., we specialize in the finest flowers, backed by service and individual attention that has remained unsurpassed for over 40 golden years. We carry a vast selection of fresh flowers, green and blooming plants, dried and silk arrangements, balloons, gifts & plush animals as well as fruit & gourmet baskets, something for every budget. From a single rose to the most stunning wedding ensemble, our skilled staff of professional designers can make all of your special moments truly unforgettable. We have 2 NE Albuquerque locations to serve you at San Mateo Blvd and Juan Tabo Blvd. Also serving all Lovelace Hospitals, Presbyterian and University of New Mexico hospital.

Switch Up Your Present Game: Buy Your Partner Unique Flowers Online!

Switch Up Your Present Game: Buy Your Partner Unique Flowers Online!

30th Jan 2023

Flowers are a gift that anyone can appreciate. Not only do many women love flowers, but according to Medium, a survey found that 61% of men would be thrilled to get flowers on Valentine's Day. Roses and carnations are popular options, but if you want to give a memorable gift, switch things up and buy unique flowers online!

Unique Flowers for Bouquets

Anthurium is a flower with a shape similar to a heart. It's an eye-catching flower that comes in many colors, including pink, purple, yellow, and orange. Anthurium even comes in darker hues, like brown and black. Since anthurium blossoms are large, one flower can make an entire bouquet pop!

Another unusual flower is red ginger. True to its name, this tropical flower has bright red blossoms that resemble a pinecone. It's an amazing accent flower, but it can also look stunning in a single-bloom arrangement.

Other unique flowers include hibiscus, protea, and heliconia. While fresh flowers are lovely, you can also step outside the box and gift someone an arrangement featuring dried flowers. Another way to make a bouquet feel more exciting is to include non-flowering plants. Ferns can look stunning in floral arrangements, as can edible plants like kale!

Tips for Buying Unique Flowers Online

When you order flowers online, make sure you buy from a reliable florist. If possible, you should get your flowers from a florist with a greenhouse near your location. That way, your flowers won't have to travel far. You may consider ordering online from a local florist.

Take the time to look through the florist's catalog to find some more unusual flowers available. If you order a pre-made arrangement, see if you can personalize it. For example, you could include the recipient's favorite flower or flowers in a color they love. Adding a tropical flower is another way to make a bouquet feel more special.

When possible, you should stick with flowers that are in season. However, many florists can grow tropical and out-of-season flowers at any time of year. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and give someone a bouquet featuring flowers you've never heard of.

It's thrilling to receive a bouquet from someone you care about. If you're looking for the perfect gift for your special someone, buy them unique flowers online! Flowers are always amazing, but an arrangement with unique flowers could take someone's breath away.