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Thank You Flowers Say a Lot More Than

Thank You Flowers Say a Lot More Than

1st Nov 2022

Expressing appreciation for some service rendered or favor made is always a good policy. Some people will make a verbal thanks and think that will suffice. Others will send a note spelling out what the service was and why it was appreciated. However, an A-plus level move would be to send a bouquet along with the thank you note. After all, according to the Society of American Florists, 73% of Americans like and appreciate the gift of flowers!

So, what sorts of occasions are appropriate to celebrate with a gift of flowers? Let's review a few scenarios where thank you flowers say a lot more than "thank you."

To Offer a Second Date

On the most personal level, if you just had a great first date with someone, consider delivering a bouquet to their home or office. The gift of flowers will send a message that not only did you enjoy spending time with that other person, but you would like to do so again! The note accompanying the flowers could include a suggestion for a second date.

To Commemorate an Employee's Hard Work

If you're a manager at a business, a gift of flowers to an employee or employees who brought home an important and challenging project would be entirely appropriate. The vase of thank you flowers the employees proudly display at their desks or cubicles is a tangible confirmation that their efforts are valued.

To Show Appreciation for a Medical Care Worker

If you or a loved one had to spend time at the hospital to deal with a medical issue, you know that nurses are some of the hardest workers. They help patients prepare for medical procedures and assist with recovery. The sudden appearance of a bouquet of thank you flowers at the nurse's station expresses that their efforts are appreciated more than anything else.

To Celebrate an Occasion

Are you celebrating someone's birthday or anniversary? Flowers are the perfect gift to commemorate such a milestone. For a birthday, a bouquet says, the day you were born was a happy one. For an anniversary, the flowers say, the day you joined your life with mine was a joyous one.

Flowers say a lot more than "thank you." A bouquet can truly make someone's day! To place an order, contact Albuquerque Florist today. We look forward to assisting you!



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