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At Albuquerque Florist, Inc., we specialize in the finest flowers, backed by service and individual attention that has remained unsurpassed for over 40 golden years. We carry a vast selection of fresh flowers, green and blooming plants, dried and silk arrangements, balloons, gifts & plush animals as well as fruit & gourmet baskets, something for every budget. From a single rose to the most stunning wedding ensemble, our skilled staff of professional designers can make all of your special moments truly unforgettable. We have 2 NE Albuquerque locations to serve you at San Mateo Blvd and Juan Tabo Blvd. Also serving all Lovelace Hospitals, Presbyterian and University of New Mexico hospital.

The Sweetest Smelling Flowers to Gift

The Sweetest Smelling Flowers to Gift

30th May 2023

Giving flowers on special occasions will always be popular, but not everyone enjoys the same ones. Some people prefer the scent of roses, while others are more into gardenias. That's why the perfume industry uses all kinds of flowers for their products. You should pick something your loved one will like. Let's find out more about the sweetest-smelling flowers for just because moments.


Aside from their delicate and delightful scent, lilies are pure elegance. They can elevate a simple bouquet into the most beautiful arrangement; anyone would be glad to receive it. Some types of lilies are smellier than others. For example, stargazer lilies are almost like baby powder, and their scent can engulf a room for a while.

Meanwhile, Lily of the Valley has a grass-citrus type of fragrance, and calla lilies are more similar to vanilla. Find out what your friends enjoy before you buy them any flowers for just because occasions.


Giving someone an orchid is more than just exotic. You must be careful because not all of these flowers will be sweet-scented. A few give off more intense odors, even if they're gorgeous. However, everyone will be impressed if you manage to find those that are beautiful and have an exciting fragrance.

The Oncidium Sharry Baby smells like chocolate, while the Encyclia alata majus has a honey-like aroma. All these odors are meant to attract animals and increase pollination, but people can enjoy them too. According to Just Add Ice, the sweet fragrance of a budding orchid can be appreciated best at sunrise.


These flowers are also great options if you're looking for a sweet perfume. They're beautiful and feature frequently in bridal bouquets. Therefore, consider the occasion when you pick flowers. Many options will have sugary fragrances, but what sets them apart is their symbolism and how they're seen when they're given as a present.

Sweet Pea

As the name suggests, these are some of the most syrupy-scented flowers you can pick. They're often added to perfumes and soaps all over the beauty industry. They can add an exquisite flair to any arrangement, and their scent won't be too overpowering. Therefore, they can be given to people who don't like strong odors.

These options are perfect for any gift. Giving flowers for a "just because" occasion is always a good idea and well received by almost everyone. Call us at Albuquerque Florist and order a bouquet today.