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What Are the Tallest Plants You Can Purchase to Add Dimension to Your Home?

What Are the Tallest Plants You Can Purchase to Add Dimension to Your Home?

29th Aug 2023

Adding tall plants is an effective way to add dimension to your home. There are a number of different options available from local florist shops, depending on your experience with plants and the area of the home where you want to place them. According to Britannica, through the use of rhizomes, otherwise known as underground stems, it's possible for bird-of-paradise flowers to grow between three and five feet. Here are a few plants that are perfect for anyone looking to add some tall plants to their interior decor.

Rubber Plants

One of the most popular plants sold by local florist shops is the rubber plant. This is an incredibly versatile plant that's perfect for anyone just starting out with indoor gardening. This plant is difficult to kill and requires a low level of maintenance. It can grow up to eight feet tall and is ideally suited for living rooms or other areas of the home with low humidity.

Dragon Trees

If you're looking for a small tree-like plant that will bring a sense of nature into your home, take a look at the dragon tree. This is a smaller tree, typically growing to about four feet with a long trunk-like stem. If you're looking to add a little visual interest to your kitchen or powder room, take a close like at a dragon tree as they thrive in areas of high humidity. This is another low-maintenance plant, making it perfect for beginners and busy people.

Weeping Fig

If you're looking for a unique plant, or are a more experienced indoor gardener, you'll want to consider a weeping fig. This is an indoor plant that's perfect for corners and other enclosed spaces. This plant requires more effort and attention to maintain than other popular options. This is a plant that's right at home in dramatic spaces, as its bright green, arching leaves are very eye-catching. If you're up for a bit of a challenge and want a vibrant plant to fill an empty corner, the weeping fig is a wonderful choice. This plant usually grows to be about eight feet high.

Your local florist shops provide more than just flower arrangements and special occasion bouquets. You can also rely on us for all of your house and garden plant needs. Stop by today to learn more about our products and services!