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What to Know About the Most Popular Summer Flowers

What to Know About the Most Popular Summer Flowers

30th May 2023

There are many different types of summer flowers. After all, summer is one of the busiest seasons for flowers. They are in full bloom, they are pollinating, and they are busy growing and thriving. There are a few things you should know about the most popular summer flowers.

The Bigger the Blooms, the Less They Bloom

Summer flowers that are known for their big blooms are wonderful. However, the bigger they bloom, the less they bloom. For flowers to bloom it takes a lot of plant energy. Larger blooms take more energy for the plant to produce than smaller blooms.

If you choose summer flowers known for large blooms, you will have a beautiful show of flowers, but you probably will only get one or two blooms during the season.

Flowers That Climb

There are several varieties of flowers that are climbers. Mandevilla is a good example of climbing flowers, as is Clematis. Climbing flowers are great for planting up against a trellis or fence. However, you should plan carefully where you will plant climbers.

Some flowering vines can quickly take over. They can also threaten structures like the beams on your front porch. Wisteria are other summer flowers and are lovely but they can be powerful and easily cause structural damage when left on their own accord.

Perennial and Annual Flowers

Some flowers will come back year after year. Those flowers are perennials. Annuals, as the name indicates, often only survive one growing season, but that is not always necessarily true. Depending on your climate, some annuals will return for a few seasons.

Perenials and annuals are both great options for a garden. However, you do get more bang for your buck with the perennials, because you don't have to replant new flowers every year. However, annuals do add instant beauty to the garden. Sometimes, you have to wait a season or two for perennials to get established and start their show.

Flowers are synonymous with summer. They add beauty and life to any garden area. Learn more about summer flowers, how to care for them, and which ones will thrive in your region by getting some expert advice. Call Albuquerque Florist today to get the summer flowers you need for your garden.



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