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What You Need to Know About Caring for Orchids

What You Need to Know About Caring for Orchids

Posted by Admin on 29th Aug 2023

If you're looking for Albuquerque's best florist shop, you've come to the right place. We're here to help you will all of your floral needs, including taking proper care of orchids. Orchids are always a popular choice even though they do require some special care. According to Just Add Ice, the time of day when a flowering orchid's light fragrance is strongest is at sunrise. If you're interested in growing these lovely flowers, here are a few tips for you.

They Don't Need Much Water

The first thing to know about orchids is that their care will differ depending on which part of the cycle they're in, growing, flowering, or post-flowering. While you're waiting for your plant to flower, it's important that you don't overwater it. In-between waterings make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering again. Reduce the amount of water that you use when the plant is blooming.

You'll Want to Protect Them from Direct Sunlight

The best place to put your orchid is in a bright spot that's protected from direct sunlight. If you have an area in your home that faces south or east, that's an ideal placement. You want your orchid to receive light, but not direct sunlight. If you're not sure where in your home to put your new orchid, the area's best florist shop is a good resource to turn to. With the right positioning, watering, and care, you'll enjoy your new orchid for many years to come.

Old Flower Spikes Need to be Snipped Close to the Base

After your orchid has bloomed, you'll want to conduct any necessary maintenance. This is a good time to repot your orchid if it's outgrown its current pot. Another important step is to cut back old flower spikes. For this task, it's important to use a very sharp and sterile tool. Depending on the type of orchid you have, you'll either want to remove the faded bloom or the entire flower spike. Be sure to ask your florist if you have a type of orchid that will rebloom on the same spike or not.

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