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Why Flowers Make the Best Year-Round Gift

Why Flowers Make the Best Year-Round Gift

27th Mar 2023

Did you know that flowers make the best year-round gift? It's true! Flowers can be perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. Just because flowers are another example of this gift's versatility. According to the Society of American Florists, 92% of women claim they love to receive flowers just because the most. Gifting a bouquet can communicate your feelings and show that you care for the receiver no matter the occasion. In light of this, we've listed four reasons flowers make the best year-round gift.

Flowers Improve a Room's Aesthetic

Nothing is worse than receiving a gift you know you won't use. When this happens, it either goes straight to the trashcan after the celebration, or it's an extra item that adds to your home's clutter and collects dust. Thankfully, this won't be the case for flowers. This gift idea can be quickly displayed and increase the aesthetics of a space. Flowers are the perfect way to liven up a room and add a pop of color.

Flowers Can Be Budget-Friendly

A perk with flowers that you might not have with other gifts is endless customization. One variable of this personalization is budget. When ordering flowers, you can spend as much or as little as you'd like, making it a budget-friendly gift option throughout the year.

Flowers Have Unique Meanings

Every flower type has its unique meaning. With this considered, you can intentionally choose flowers suited for a particular occasion. For example, roses are an iconic flower choice for Valentine's Day due to their sentiments of love and passion. Lilies are popular for birthday celebrations since the blooms carry meanings of happiness, joy, and peace. A bouquet of just because flowers can incorporate more than one bloom with a special meaning.

Flowers Are Easy to Order

For many gifts, you may need to drive miles and miles to the perfect store and search for the specific item you believe your loved one would enjoy. Additionally, you'll need to plan and schedule some free time away from work and family obligations to purchase a gift. With flowers, this is not an issue. Many flower shops offer online ordering where customers can customize the bloom varieties, sizes, and styles right at home. Plus, you‘ll also be able to deliver the flowers to the receiver's doorstep.

Whether they're holiday, anniversary, or just because flowers, order this perfect year-round gift for your loved one with Albuquerque Florist!



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