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At Albuquerque Florist, Inc., we specialize in the finest flowers, backed by service and individual attention that has remained unsurpassed for over 40 golden years. We carry a vast selection of fresh flowers, green and blooming plants, dried and silk arrangements, balloons, gifts & plush animals as well as fruit & gourmet baskets, something for every budget. From a single rose to the most stunning wedding ensemble, our skilled staff of professional designers can make all of your special moments truly unforgettable. We have 2 NE Albuquerque locations to serve you at San Mateo Blvd and Juan Tabo Blvd. Also serving all Lovelace Hospitals, Presbyterian and University of New Mexico hospital.

Why You Should Take Advantage of Flower Delivery

Why You Should Take Advantage of Flower Delivery

28th Feb 2023

Fresh flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion. While you may not always have time to pick up a bouquet from your local florist, it's easier than ever to have flowers delivered. Whether you buy birthday flowers online or order flowers for your anniversary, flowers are the perfect way to tell someone you care. Here's why you should start having flowers delivered.

You'll Have a Large Selection to Choose From

When you buy flowers in-store, your options are generally limited. Buying online means you'll have far more options available. Whether you're looking to buy a popular flower, like roses or carnations, or are interested in a more unusual bouquet, you should be able to find what you want. You can even compare different bouquets to find the flowers you like the most!

It Makes Buying Flowers Easy

Even when you have a busy schedule, you can find time to have flowers delivered. The process is incredibly convenient, and you can place your order in minutes. Once you find the right bouquet to buy, you can place your order and choose your delivery location easily. From the comfort of your home, you can buy gorgeous flowers for anyone in your life.

Your Flowers Will Be Shipped Safely

When you buy birthday flowers online or order a bouquet for a special occasion, you might be concerned about how the flowers will look when they arrive. Flower delivery services take steps to keep flowers looking fresh when they're shipped. Your bouquet will be packaged with care, and you can trust that the flowers you choose will look beautiful when they arrive. If properly cared for, the flowers will remain fresh for quite a while!

You Can Order in Advance

Have you ever meant to pick up flowers for someone, only to forget about it at the last minute? Another benefit of flower delivery is that you can order flowers in advance. You can place your order well ahead of the date the flowers will be delivered. Even if the flowers slip your mind, they'll still arrive without problems. It's an easy way to ensure you remember to give people flowers on special dates.

According to the Society of American Florists, 88% of people feel happy when giving someone flowers. Flower delivery services could bring a little more happiness into your life and into your loved one’s life as well. Once you start taking advantage of flower delivery, you'll always find yourself ordering flowers! Whether you pick up a bouquet for yourself or buy birthday flowers online, you'll appreciate the convenience of flower delivery. Contact us if you're interested in ordering flowers!